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Wholesale Dresses: 3 Strategies You Can Use To Buy At Below Wholesale Prices

Wholesale dresses are one of the top sellers in the apparel market, domestically in the United States and internationally. The demand for dresses remains very strong because the majority of women around the world wear them due to fashion, comfort, cultural norms, and religious traditions. Wholesalers and retailers can profit by carrying dresses provided that they have the right styles and brands at below wholesale prices. Because the competition by established department stores and retail chains is very high, sellers need to find closeouts which will enable them to compete based on price. Below are 3 strategies to buy dresses at below wholesale prices.

Strategy #1

Call the brands directly and inquire if they have any remnants from order cancellations. Often a brand will produce a large quantity of dresses only to find out that their customer has backed out. Now they are sitting on inventory which will collect dust unless a buyer is found. You can make an offer on the remnant stock. This method will help you obtain a small discount to the original wholesale price, but you might be forced to accept a large quantity of a single color or size.

Strategy #2

Offer to buy last season's dresses from the brands. Just because the style is not being worn by runaway models does not mean that your customers won't love it. While in fashion centers like Los Angeles, Milan, and New York, fashions change in the blink of an eye, in the rest of world people are okay with wearing the previous season's fashion.

Strategy #3

Purchase department store overstock and dresses. Department stores need to turn over their merchandise since they do not want shoppers to see the same clothing week after week. They will often clear out unsold inventory and send it to wholesalers that they do business with. You can purchase this merchandise directly from wholesalers who have relationships with the department stores. This is the best way to buy dresses at the largest discount to the wholesale price, but keep in mind that you will receive an assortment of every category of dresses, including a variety of different brands, styles, colors, and sizes. Ideally you would want to work with a supplier who has an open warehouse, so that you can make your own selection.

Whichever strategy you employ, make sure that you will receive a selection that is appropriate for your customers based on fashion, cultural, and climate specifications. The most high end designer evening social dress would not see well in a hot country if its sleeves are long.

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