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How To Import Wholesale Dresses

You can import wholesale dresses by connecting to foreign manufacturers and designers. If your local market is saturated with the same wholesale dresses, in other words every boutique is selling pretty much the same clothing, you will want to start importing merchandise from other countries. Or you might want to simply follow this route simply to make your store unique by developing a reputation for carrying foreign designers. Before you start placing orders you would want to test out the local market by showing your customers pictures of the actual dresses, and if possible, show them samples of what you are planning on selling. If the brands you will be bringing in to your shop are internationally known it will help your sales a great deal. But remember that the styles are important, since you do not want to be in a situation where even though you might have a beautiful selection, the styles are too conservative or flashy for your customer base. The following tips can be used to starting importing dresses for your boutique.

Tip #1

Use wholesale niche search engines such as to locate dress wholesalers. You can then contact the suppliers directly and obtain sample pictures and descriptions of their inventory. Find out if the vendors have customers in your country, since that will be a good sign if their clothing will be popular with your shoppers. You should work with a dress wholesaler who has repeat customers in your country, since he will be familiar with the type of apparel that is in demand in your area. His expertise can be quite valuable especially if you are not there to pick the clothing in person.

Tip #2

Visit the dress showroom in person. The advantage of flying in and seeing the merchandise for yourself, is that you can select the actual items that you want, giving yourself a much better chance of making money.

You can even take a list with you of your customers and match the dresses in the warehouse to the style and size requirements of the women who buy in your boutique.

Tip #2

Contact freight forwarders that specialize in international shipping. Their shipping rates will be substantially lower than UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, and the post office, especially if they focus on your country or region. For example, freight forwarders such as Schenker, Express Air Freight, and Tropical Shipping all offer international shipping at reduced rates. Because the cost to ship clothes can represent a significant expense, the savings as a result of utilizing the services of a discount shipper can be great.

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