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The Best Places to Locate Wholesale Designer Brand Name Dresses Online and Offline

Whether you have a high end dress boutique in Lagos, or have a flea market business in New York, and you are looking to carry brand name designer dresses for your clientele, you need to know where to locate wholesale dresses at the lowest closeout prices. The following sources can help you discover the most fashionable brand name dresses by designers such as Tahari, Jones New York, BCBG, Guess, and more, at absolutely the lowest closeout prices. If you prefer you are welcome to visit Closeout Explosion, my clothing wholesale business located in Brooklyn, or you can visit my liquidation website

1. Conduct an online search through Google using keywords related to the type of fashion that you are looking to sell to your customers. If you have a shop in the Palms Shopping Mall in Lagos, and are catering towards bankers working in the Central Bank of Nigeria, you will want to conduct your search using phrases such as “brand name dresses for office workers,” “designer business dresses for Africa,” and so on. You can also use general search terms, but the more targeted your phrases are the more helpful the list of search results will be.

2. Visit Internet wholesale directories such as Closeout Central, Wholesale Central, My Local Wholesaler, and Wholesale Room.

3. Visit the New York Garment District and the LA Fashion District. You can walk into dress showrooms, make your own selection, and then have your purchases shipped directly to your boutique by UPS, or if you are located overseas by freight forwarders such as Schenker, Express Air, and Corporate Messengers.

4. You can source high quality fashionable wholesale dresses from China and throughout Asia through directories such as DHGate, Alibaba, TradeTang,TWBNet, Trading Lot, Trade Key, Boss Goo, and Busy Trade. If you are sourcing dresses directly from Asian manufacturers I would recommend that you focus on private labels, and take any necessary steps to ensure that you are only purchasing authentic apparel.

5. You can also contact designers directly and offer to purchase their unsold inventory, as well as their slightly irregular production. I have purchased some really nice dresses from designers that wanted to clear out the previous season’s clothes so that they could raise funds for the current season production. I also recommend looking at their slightly irregular clothes since often a designer is so meticulous, especially when he or she is first trying to establish their brand, that clothes with any imperfections will not be sold to their retail and trade customer base.

6. Attend sample sales. Often designers as Eli Tahari and Jones New York will run sample sales to clear out any clothing remnants. I have seen sample sales being held in the NYC Fashion District that offer brand name clothes for as low as 80% below the original retail price.

7. You should also be visiting closeout warehouses like mine on a regular basis since the inventory changes often. For example, one week I can receive a large shipment of pallets of department store overstock while the next week I will have bought out a boutique that carried brands such as Jovani. Recently I wholesaled Jovani dresses with original retail values of over $500 for only $30 each. I mention this to you to show you the importance of establishing a relationship, and visiting, wholesale and closeout dealers that carry the types of products that you are looking to resell. Remember, you never know what you will find until you do find it!


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