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Sell More Wholesale Dresses Once You Have Your Buyer’s Profile

Understanding the buying behavior of your customers can help you sell more wholesale dresses. If you can examine and record the purchasing patterns of your shoppers, you can formulate a tailored made for each shopper to sell her more dresses.

While you can use this information to sell more designer dresses to your customers, for the sake of clarity I want to you focus on a specific customer that you might have. For this example, we will call her Patience, a young investment banker working in the corporate halls of a Nigerian bank in Lagos.

Step #1

The first thing you will want to do is keep a record of Patience’s purchases. You will want to know what she likes to buy, and when she likes to buy it. For example, you should have a record that lists that on Sunday afternoon she bought a Tahari red suit for 16,000 Naira. (Naira is the currency that is used in Nigeria, you should substitute your local currency here.)

After a few weeks of keeping a record of her purchases you should start noticing a buying pattern. This buying pattern is what will allow you to establish a buyer’s profile for her. The profile will show you the times when she enjoys shopping, and what she prefers to purchase when she visits your boutique

If you see that she loves Tahari, Jones New York, and BCBG dresses, you can call or email her when you receive a new shipment that contains those brands from your New York wholesale supplier. You might also see that she only comes in on Sundays, so you might give her an incentive for shopping on a day when business is otherwise slow.

There are many conclusions you can draw from analyzing her purchasing details, such as what is the optimal price that she will pay for a brand name ball gown, what her favorite color is, and what styles she likes. If you see that he loves red ball gown dresses, you can suggest a similar dress for her by a designer such as Calvin Klein that she might not have considered before.

Another important reason to know this information is because you do not want to miss out on a sale. If you have determined that Patience makes a shopping trip to your shop in the Palms Shopping Mall every Sunday afternoon, you will want to be on the phone with her Sunday morning to remind her to visit your shop. The last thing you want is for another retailer to catch her attention while she is on the way to you. You can give her an incentive to make you her first stop by giving her a free fashion accessory with her purchase.

This strategy is especially helpful when your customer has special requirements that might not be able to be met that easily by other shops. If you can show Patience that you always have plus size office dresses for her on the day she needs them, you will help her become a long term loyal shopper for your business.


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