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Quick Tips For Selling More Brand Name Designer Dresses

Did you just receive a great consignment of wholesale brand name dresses? Is it full of top of the line designers such as Tahari, Jones New York, BCBG, and Nine West? Sounds you like have the right merchandise to make some pretty good sales. But before you start counting your profits, you need to actually make some sales. So here are some easy to implement tips for selling more of your wholesale dresses, at the prices you want.

Tip #1
Fill the walls of your dress boutique with glamorous pictures of real people wearing the types of dresses that you are selling. Notice that I said pictures of real people. While women want to envision themselves wearing your dresses, and will want to see how good they can look, displaying a picture of a Gisele Bundchen model wearing a dress will simply appear unrealistic and unattainable to your shoppers. It is allot easier, and definitely more appealing, for a shopper to see a more realistic image of how well the dress can look on a person who looks more like them.

Tip #2
Match the décor to the dresses which you are selling. For instance, if you are selling a Nine West dress which is appropriate for a lawyer working in a top law firm in Abuja, then you would want the décor of your store to reflect the expected fancy environment that a layer would want to see. On the other hand, if you are selling a BCBG dress which is suitable for a young woman looking to hit the nightlife scene in Lebanon, then you would want to have a store styled after a trendy Beirut dance club.

Tip #3
Price your dresses right according to your audience. Remember, the price that you charge for your dresses will greatly influence the perception your shoppers have for those dresses. In other words, if you charge too little, women will assume that there is a reason why your price is so low. On the other hand, if you charge too much, although people will assume you must have extremely high end fashionable designer dresses, they will be simply out of reach of your more budget minded costumers. You want to find the maximum price range that people will pay, while still giving them great value for their money. Remember, you can charge more if your dress shop is located in a high end shopping mall in Lagos than you could charge if you are located in an open market in Abuja. The same is true everywhere. A high end boutique located in a hotel in the Bahamas can charge more for the same Jones New York dress than a small store located in a more residential section can. Therefore, you should always strive to locate your retail business in a high end locale.

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